Sunday, February 21, 2010

A Fee Well Worth It

Student elections are just around the corner. On March 30, 2010 students will be electing new officials for the following school year. This campus wide election will affect current and future ISU students. Dorian Moore, ISU's Secretary of Sustainability, is rightfully pushing for the adoption of a sustainability fee that could be put into action as soon as fall semester this year. This fee would be used to benefit the student body as well as the rest of the school by promoting a greener movement on campus. Reggie Ride would be funded. Campus wide efficiency projects could be funded with the money. Even projects such as replacing impermeable sidewalks with new permeable concrete to prevent flooding and icing could be funded. This fee is very versatile and relatively cheap in comparison to other tuition charges.

After giving a survey last semester, it was determined that students were most willing to pay a fee of around $5 for this fee. The proposed fee will be $.34 per credit hour. This means if a student is taking fifteen credit hours in a semester, they will pay $5.10 that semester. This would be a minor percentage of a student's semester dues, and like we mentioned before, it would promote a greener, cleaner, more efficient campus.

On March 18, Dorian will be hosting a forum at the Bone Student Center to promote this fee. The room is in arrangement now, and specifics will be coming shortly. More information and support on the sustainability fee can be found on Facebook by searching for "Support Sustainability Efforts at ISU!".

Volunteers for the renewable energy demo cart are as follows:

Solar - Erica Buster
Wind - Dan Buckley
Biofuels - Rob Martin
Cart - Seth Rients
Electronics - Seth Rients
Concentrated Solar Power - Mike Delfs

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