Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Green Energy Machine

It has been a while since last posting. Apologies. We have been very busy here at school with final projects and getting ready for graduation. Today is the clean energy career fair at the Bone Student Center from 7pm-9pm. There will be a few speakers, and it will open up even more networking opportunities for students at the university. This Friday we are taking a field trip to an ethanol plant in Hennepin, IL, which should be interesting. We are also ordering everything needed for the Green Energy Machine, which we hope to build before festivities begin for Earth Week here at ISU. Our members came through, and we will be getting the best equipment at the best price for this project.

On top of these extra curricular activities, our members have been working hard in their classes. Whether it be working for the Town of Normal, Marriott, the Reznick Group, or setting up a solar forum, we are all working very hard to achieve our degrees. This year has been packed full of great experiences. What a way to begin the decade.

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